Animals Video

By Mikey Jones

These stunning images show one of natures most awesome animals as you’ve never seen it before.

Taken by wildlife photographer Vadim Balakin, the images show Humpback whales producing bubbles of air to catch minute plankton ready for feeding time.

PIC BY Vadim Balakin / CATERS NEWS

The photos were captured of the coast of the South Shetland Islands and shows the whales “bubble-net feeding” by the veteran wildlife photographer.

A pack of whales will exhale beneath the surface before circling around a school of fish who are “netted” by the surrounding bubbles.

Vadim said that it’s rare that he’s able to capture such an unusual moment.

PIC BY Vadim Balakin / CATERS NEWS

He added: “That was really amazing to see this process from above, how this spirals are organized.

“From the land’s view you will not be able to evaluate this. This is really a unique angle to see.”