Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A huge hive of giant yellow jackets was discovered nestled away in an unassuming box hidden in a garden shed.

Travis Watson was probably hoping he had stumbled across a box of tricks instead of a box of wasps when the 29-year-old professional bee removal technician was tasked with removing a hive of giant and dangerous Yellow Jackets.

The buzzing box was discovered in a humble garden shed in Ohio, USA, when Travis’s alter-ego, “The Bee Man” was called upon to save the day.

Peering into the cardboard, Travis was welcomed by a swarm of large buzzing insects, meaning he had to grab his tools before tackling the flying giants by dusting them with pesticide.

Travis said: “It’s exhilarating to tackle a large nest.

“The job definitely provides a lot of adrenaline and having that many stinging insects try to attack you gets you going.

“It’s very painful to be stung by a yellow jacket. Sometimes I will make a mistake and they make me pay for it.

“A yellow jacket nest can top out at 5,000 bees during the late part of the season in Ohio.”