Offbeat Video

Joe McFarlane

An awesome acrobat can perform amazing dives, spins and flips through tiny hoops.

Circus artist extraordinaire Quentin Greco, 26, can do more with a simple hoop and skipping rope than you could imagine.

Pulling off amazing feats of speed, skill and flexibility, the talented acrobat managed to flip and dive through small hoops of varying sizes and heights and even performed a backflip while using a skipping rope.

Travelling the world, from Montreal and Majorca, to Australia and Germany, the flexible Frenchman always managed to squeeze in a trick or two while globetrotting.

Quentin said: “Each time I do a complex trick, it’s because I have a new idea that I want to try.

“It can take a lot of shots before I succeed doing one trick.

“I can fall and do it again maybe 30 times for some of the really tricky ones.

I started performing as an acrobat when I was 13 as a hobby, but then I decided to go to a professional circus school after I graduated high school because I didn’t like to study.

“Usually, I try a new trick because I feel that I could possibly do it, but I’m never sure. But it’s really satisfying to complete a difficult trick

“Sometimes I just do some tests to see how close I am to the trick I have in mind and if I succeed, I realise I can do things I didn’t know I was able to do.

 “When that happens, I feel happy, proud of myself and very satisfied.

 “I raise the difficulty level each time, so it starts to become more complicated for me. That’s what inspires me to do crazy things without it being too dangerous.”