Animals Video

By Randall Coombs

An adorable bulldog had to be saved from a decaying house after getting stuck inside for two weeks.

After hearing cries from an abandoned house, two rescuers from Stray Rescue of St Louis investigated the building in Lexington, Kentucky, to find the savaged pup.

The rescuers had to clamber in through a window – the only access point in the building – before traversing the decrepit property as they attempt to locate the distressed animal.

Fortunately, it did not take long before the battered and bruised puppy is found, as he is gently coaxed onto a leash with minimal resistance and plenty of snacks.

The rescuers freed, the now named Peeps, as he is whisked off to safety to be checked for any medical conditions and to be properly cleaned and fed.

Natalie Thomson, who works at the rescue, said: “Our guess is he jumped in through the window and couldn’t get back out.

“It’s also a possibility someone put him in there, but we’re hoping for the former.

“The hardest part was figuring out how to get him out of the house.

“We hoped he would be cooperative because we were going to have to lift him up out of a window.”

The house was full of trash, with paint peeling off the walls, indicating it had been abandoned for a long time.

Natalie said: “There were no food or water sources inside the house

“Peeps was living on the top floor of the house.

“We think he went up all the stairs and was too scared to come back down by himself.”

Despite being very thin, Peeps is in good health and the rescue will help him gain weight.

Natalie said: “We loaded him in the car and he just wanted to lean against his hero, Donna.

“He wanted to be touching her the whole way back to the shelter.

“He is loving the meals, soft blankets and the attention he is getting at the shelter.

“When you touch him, he just melts, he just loves to be around people.”