Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A brave insect lover petted a highly venomous redback spider before it tried to bite him.

Ben Nobes was trying to rehouse his pet arachnid at home in Shellharbour, Australia, on April 26 when it refused to move off its old lid.

Trying to coax the stubborn spider with his index finger, the defensive insect reaches out with its legs before firing a web at the fingertip.

Ben said: “I was surprised, like I said earlier I have never seen a redback do that before

“The redback was trying to catch and eat me, which I’ve never seen before.

“It would probably end in a trip to the hospital. I’ve never been bitten myself but it causes extreme localised pain, vomiting and nausea.

“It would be potentially fatal to a child or elderly person.

“The spider is trying to snare my finger so it can bite me. What makes this unusual is that it’s not doing it defensively because it’s scared like other bites occur 

“When Redbacks are scared or threatened they go into a ball and pretend to be dead.”