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By Federico Cornetto

An adorable podgy pug born with excessive fat rolls due to a genetic problem is defying the odds by living his best life.

Pooch Theo, eight, from Oslo, Norway, suffers from multiple conditions due to inbreeding, including neurological issues and excessive rolls which make him look extra cuddly.


Despite his predicaments, Theo still leads a happy life with only a single painkiller in the morning and needs a little more rest than other dogs.

He loves napping, watching football and playing with his dog best friends, Tui the one-year-old Shar-Pei and five-year-old pug Alvin.

Owner Nicole Hetland, 24, a learning disability nurse, said: “Theo’s condition is due to irresponsible inbreeding.


“We have owned dogs my entire lives, however we didn’t know much about pugs, and unfortunately, we trusted Theo’s breeder.

“While many people think Theo is overweight, he is actually a healthy dog considering his condition.

“However, he also has been diagnosed with a form of degenerative disc disease caused by sciatic nerve damage.


“Unfortunately, there may come a day when Theo’s quality of life has diminished to the point where we have to make a difficult decision.

“We want to make sure others don’t have to go through what we have, so I want to tell everyone who is looking for a new pup, do research.

“It is better to take things slow and find a responsible breeder to ensure a healthy and long life for your dog.”