Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A massive sea cucumber took its revenge after being plucked from the ocean and proceeded to comically spurt water over a group of friends.

Adventure business owner Nguyen Nguyen Ba was treating his friends to a sun-filled and adventurous day out the beautiful Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam when he stumbled across a girthy sea cucumber.

As Nguyen’s friends had never seen the weird worm-like creature in the flesh, he decided to give them a real up close and personal view of the alien looking animal.

Flaunting the leathery marine dweller in the faces of his friends, the curious Cucumber spurted water all over the group to the comical joy of Nguyen.

After soaking everyone, the sea cucumber then proceeded to eject white sticky threads as an act of defence.

Nguyen said: “It felt like playing water guns as kids.”