Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

Basketball loving elephants proved themselves to be the Michael Jordan of the animal kingdom by netting some awesome slam dunks. 

Skilfully hitting the hoops in a manner that would be sure to impress even LeBron James himself, the herd, consisting of five African elephants.

Mambo, Betty, Nanda, Tonga and Kimba, perform with the 22-year-old, seventh generation animal trainer and professional acrobat, Rene Casselly in the countryside of Hungary.

Basketball isn’t the only skill the intelligent mammals have mastered, as the fabulous five also play jump rope, help Rene perform amazing flips and tricks and even settle down for a peaceful picnic.

Rene said: “Playing basketball with my elephants started naturally, I was playing alone outside, and then my elephant Kimba came and she randomly took the ball from me with her trunk.

“Then the idea came in my head of trying to play together with my elephants, and now we love it.”

“Training new tricks with them is so much fun, it only takes few minutes until they actually learn a new trick, but it’s also very important to have at least 50kg of bananas with you.

“In my videos you can see how wonderful things can happen when humans and animals work together as a team.

“To be so close with my elephants is the thing I love the most in my life.

“I have known them since the day I was born.

“It’s only possible to do what we do with a real love relationship.”