Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto

A team of kind-hearted rescuers brought five distressed ducklings who had become trapped in a drain box back to safety.

On April 16 rescuers from LA Animal Services Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (SMART) arrived at Hollenbeck Park, Los Angeles, after receiving a call about five baby ducks stuck at the park’s lake.

The rescuers lifted one of the 500-pound steel grates covering the box, and one of them, Hoang Dinh lowered himself into the box.

Hoang then corralled the ducklings into a large net before bringing them back to safety.

Spokesman from SMART, Armando Navarrete said: “The mother duck was around but left the scene after hours of waiting.

“Fortunately, after a few strays were wrangled, Hoang was raised back topside with precious cargo.

“The five ducklings were taken to the California Wildlife Centre for immediate foster.

“Once of age, they will be released back to the lake at Hollenbeck Park.”