Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A professional bee removal technician tackled a giant nest filled with hundreds of Hornets that was strategically hidden behind a dry wall.

Like any hero, Travis Watson has an alter ego, with the 29-year-old hitting the streets of Canfield, Ohio, tackling the biggest and baddest Hornets under the title of “The Bee Man”.

Travis had to use all of his skills and experience when tackling a giant hornets’ nest hidden behind an unassuming dry wall. 

Peeling back the wall, Travis revealed more and more of the intricate honeycomb nest. As the Hornets tried to fly away, Travis dusted them with pesticide.

Travis said: “A European Hornets Nest can contain anywhere up to 800 and 1000 insects and the nests can get as large as a beach ball.

“It is exhilarating to tackle a large nest. The job definitely provides a lot of adrenaline and having that many stinging insects try to attack you gets your adrenaline going. 

“The bees can be very dangerous so taking away something that is a threat to safety is a great feeling.

“It is very painful to be stung by a Yellow Jacket or Hornet. I don’t get stung often considering how many bees I handle, but sometimes I will make a mistake and they make me pay for it.”

The professional Bee Removal Technician has eradicated the pesky pests since the humble age of 15, becoming a skilled expert in the process.