Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

A greedy squirrel needed to be rescued after getting trapped in a ‘squirrel-proof’ bird feeder by its belly.

Simon Cowell, founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation, was called to a garden in Ashtead, Surrey, he was surprised to see his rescue mission.

Walking over to the squirrel on March 29, the squirrel’s back legs were trapped in the wire cage causing it to flail its tail around manically.

Simon gave the rodent his glove to bite on to so he didn’t get bitten, and after almost 10 minutes of trying, the squirrel was cut loose before running off across the garden.

Simon said: “The owner was out in the garden when she spotted the squirrel in distress.

“She attempted to free it herself but failing that gave us a call.

“Unfortunately, squirrels getting stuck in ’squirrel proof’ bird feeders are relatively common for us.”