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By Taniya Dutta

An adrenaline junkie decided to make a ski run with a difference when he stripped off completely naked before performing a backflip in the French Alps.

Joss Baldwin, 23, from Exeter, wowed crowds at ‘Step Up’ – a charity ski event in Val d’isere held earlier this month – with his bare talent.

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The pro skier, who has loved the sport since the age of 10, completed the cheeky nude challenge in temperatures of just four degrees Celsius.

Joss said: “Lots of people were participating in the event as it was open to everybody.

“There was a large crowd of between 100 and 200 people watching and cheering whenever they thought somebody did something good.

“After a little while, the crowd weren’t cheering for many people’s jumps, so I thought I’d do something that nobody else had done.

“I walked to the top and started to strip my clothes off. It is no easy feat when you have clunky ski boots on!

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“Once I was completely naked I gave my friend all my clothes and got them to start recording on their phones.

“I think for most people it was very unexpected to see a naked man skiing let alone doing a naked backflip.

“I had lots of people telling me they thought I was crazy for doing it because if I had fallen over it could have had some very bad consequences.

“It was around 4 or 5 degrees Celsius but there was a cold wind that definitely made it feel chillier!”

Joss, who has been living in the mountains for the last five years, skiing almost every day during the winter months, called the stunt ‘a liberating experience’.

He even dedicated his stint to Shane McConkey, a pioneer of free skiing and BASE jump who invented a style named ‘the BN’ – for ‘butt naked’ before tragically dying in 2009.

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Joss said: “I said ‘this one is for McConkey’. He was a famous pro skier who sadly died in 2009.

“He was famous for doing naked ski runs, inventing a style he named ‘doing the BN’.

“He was a true legend in the sport, and I had to dedicate a naked backflip to him.

“Coming into the jump naked was a liberating feeling.

“When I took off it all felt good, as I did the backflip I realised I had a lot more airtime than previous jumps I had done,

“I later realised it was because I didn’t have any wind resistance from my jacket or pants so was going much faster than before.

“Luckily, I managed to hold it together and stuck the landing to great applause and cheering.”