Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

Grim footage shows a spot being popped on the sole of a patient’s foot.

When Dr Marion Yau was called in to see the man, he was complaining that his foot was swollen after stepping on a foreign object.

Dead skin and a callus – which had formed over the wound – had to be removed so the podiatrist from London could get to the pus trapped beneath.

After unveiling the pus below, Dr Yau applies some pressure causing the spot to erupt like a volcano on the patient’s foot before covering the wound.

Dr Yau said: “The patient was in a lot of pain as when he came in to see me, he found it painful to walk.

“He had the early signs of an infection, with swelling, pain and redness.

“I used antibiotics, semi-compressed dressing, inadine dressing and follow up dressing appointment.

“It took two weeks to heal completely.”