Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A skier looked more like a snow monkey as he climbed between moving chair lifts.

Ilko Iliev of Sofia, Bulgaria, wanted to add a bit of spice to his skiing trip on March 30.

While slowly heading up a snowy mountain, the 29-year-old stuntman looked more like an agile Snow Monkey than your normal skier as he climbed between two moving chair lifts. 

Shuffling across the wire, the agile daredevil swiftly climbed from one chair lift to another while dangling over the soft white snow. 

Ilko said: “The lift I’m climbing on is a tourist lift, so it’s very slow.

“I completed the transfer at a section of the lift where the pillars were very far apart. So I had a lot of time.

“I started the climb right after the first pillar, which allowed more time.

“I’ve thought about doing this since I was a kid and happened to find the perfect setting and place for it. 

“I have the skills and it seemed very safe and casual, so I did it. 

“It wasn’t difficult or dangerous, danger is for the unprepared.”