Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

An avid adventurer travelled all the way to Arizona to experience the pleasure of being flushed out of a giant natural ‘toilet bowl’.

Travelling to one of the most treacherous swimming holes in the world on April 13, avid adventurer and actor Jesse St. Louis, 41, delved into the dark waters of the eerily named Fossil Creek in order to attempt to swim through a narrow underwater cave arch.

Known as the Toilet Bowl of Fossil Creek, the turbulent swimming hole has proven itself to be extremely dangerous.

Filled with boulder obstructions and swirling water, the deadly bowl has claimed at least one life while many other eager swimmers have needed to be rescued from powerful pull.

Jesse bravely dived into the swirling pot of water, only to severely scrape his head on the rough rocks of the cave.

After forcing his way out of the disorientating water, Jesse managed to safely return to dry land, though his wife, Samantha, 37 gave the would-be Indiana Jones a deserved scolding.

Jesse said: “I absolutely do not recommend going into the Toilet Bowl, it is not safe.

“The water was extremely shallow, so if you jumped in, it would break both of your legs. 

“I got scraped up and banged my head, foot, shoulder and ribs going through the underwater cave. “I’m lucky that when I hit my head, I didn’t lose consciousness, because I surely would have drowned.”