Animals Video

By David Aspinall

An unlucky dog had to have a 10cm long stick pulled out of one of her nostrils.

Thor the Belgian Shepherd had been on a walk when she fell over but appeared to suffer no injuries but just a couple of days later, she was sneezing a lot with blood coming out of a single nostril.

After being brought to Dr Zarko Ciric at VetPoint in Zagreb, Croatia, on April 16 he looked up the sedated five-year-old’s nose and spotted a small wooden item.

Using pliers to remove foreign object, Dr Ciric was stunned when a 10cm long wooden stick came sliding out of the poor pup’s nose.

Dr Ciric said: “I honestly expected there to be a little bit of grass in there.

“I was shocked when it was such a solid piece of wood.

“After removing the object, we gave her some antibiotics and sent her home.

“She’s fine now.”