Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

Dizzying footage shows a wingsuit pilot struggling to unhook his parachute after it became tangled on descent.

Ryan Hudson, from London, was soaring above Algarve, Portugal, when he decided to deploy the parachute.

With his chute unravelling behind him, the 28-year-old’s strings twisted into knots spinning him around and round.

Finally, after 30 seconds of panic, Ryan manages to unhook the tangled mess before deploying his reserve and floating safely to the ground.

Ryan said: “It was one of the worst situations to be in with your parachute spinning nose down towards the ground on your back in a wingsuit.

“It shows that if you follow the procedures and drills your taught and keep calm you come out with a good result.

“My initial reaction was this can’t be a cut away as the parachute was new and expensive, so my initial thoughts were honestly ‘get this under control’. 

Having decided his parachute couldn’t be saved, Ryan had to make a quick decision as his altitude was dropping quickly.

He said: “I made the decision that I couldn’t get out of this and have to cut away.

“But I then think I’m on my back spinning towards the earth, which is the worst position to deploy your reserve as it’s going to come out facing towards the ground.

“I was thinking of going through the motions, but for one split second when I couldn’t locate my reserve pull I momentarily thought this is really bad.

“I look at the altimeter on my suit and realise I’m near my hard deck altitude but managed to sort everything in time.”