Video Viral

By David Aspinall

A wingsuit pilot incredibly passed a banana to a plane passenger hanging out of a door in mid-flight.

As Daniel Ossio sat in the back of a yellow biplane above Alvor, Portugal, wingsuit flyer Par Safstrom swooped in under the wing.

With Par flying extremely close to the aircraft, Daniel shimmies over to the door and opens it up before using his legs to grip the wheels.

Hanging upside down with a parachute on his back, Daniel takes the banana out of Par’s hand before sitting back up and climbing back into the plane and retaking his seat.

Having eaten his inflight snack, Daniel leaps out of the plane to skydive to the ground below.

Daniel said: “I got hungry and had to eat a banana.

“Seriously we had great fun and laughs.

“Most people were going wow.

“We managed to do this on the first attempt.”

The stunt wasn’t without its glitches, though Daniel – a veteran of 1000 jumps – and the team handled them perfectly.

Daniel said: “When I sat on the wheel, the steep angle the airplane was flying changed the way I had to hook my feet into the gear, so I had to find a solution quickly.

“The other obstacle was that bad weather was coming in when we wanted to do the takes so we could not get to full altitude which gave us very little time to do the shots.”