Amazing Video

By Mollie Mansfield

Meet the unsung heroes of Easter who have done a cracking job ahead of the annual celebrations – spending TWO DAYS making a giant six stone egg.

Chocolatiers Gail Deeley, 62, and Sian Patterson, 23, spent a total of 48 hours creating the massive chocolate treat just in time for the holidays.

Pic from Cadbury World/Caters News

The pair, who work at Cadbury World, did an egg-scellent job of creating the iconic chocolate treat – which measured up to two-and-a-half foot high.

The egg, which was decorated in a woodland theme to fit the spring-time festivity, is now on display at the attraction in Birmingham, West Mids.

Sian, who has worked at Cadbury World for four years, said: “When creating the egg we start off with a rough idea of what we want to do, and we knew we wanted to do a woodland theme.

“We sketch out a few rough ideas and then we have to make the egg. 

“We make half at a time, stick them both together and then put the egg upright.

Pic from Cadbury World/Caters News

“We have to pipe straight onto it and make sure we act quickly as the chocolate starts to set.”

Gail, who has been making chocolate for eight years, said: “The mould that we use to create the egg stands about two-and-a-half foot high.

“It takes 38 kilos of chocolate to make the full egg and it turns out to be about eight centimetres thick around the edge – so it’s pretty heavy!

“We chose the design because when you think about Easter you think about spring, all the bunnies, beautiful flowers and the idea grew from there. 

“We have lots of little princesses that visit Cadbury World and they’re very happy when they see the egg- it’s a magical time for children.”

Despite their sugar rush at being able to create the egg, the chocolate masters explain that they do find certain aspects stressful.

Pic from Cadbury World/Caters News

Sian said: “I find the construction very stressful – instead I like the intricate details – with this one I enjoyed doing the wings and the butterflies – they’re separate from the egg and we stuck them on later.”

Gail added: I love the decorating but it can be a little bit stressful towards the end as there’s always a deadline. 

“You have all of these fantastic ideas that you want to get done but you have to scale that down.

“But it’s all worth it – I love seeing that you can actually do something like this with chocolate.

“Making these chocolate masterpieces isn’t like working – it’s a dream job, it’s wonderful!”