Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

A crafty kayaker took his skills to the snowy slopes with a spinning trick on a snowboard grind.

Kipp Dixon was enjoying the last powder of the season near Killington Resort, Vermont, on April 9 when he decided to mix up his tricks.

The elementary school lifetime sports teacher slid off a short ramp on to the box before heading into a 360 spin.

Expertly completing the circle in one go, the 30-year-old lands smoothly on the snow before sliding away.

Kipp said: “Surprisingly well, we’ve taken a few other videos of kayaking down some snowy hills and into a river and kayaking down a blue ski run at the resort 

“With a paddle and some skill, you can keep it mostly under control.

“I love kayaking as it’s something you can do forever 

“It can take you all over the world, and links you instantly to a community of other like-minded people who also get after it.”