Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

A talented artist carved an impressively accurate reproduction of the head of Game of Thrones’ Night King out of a watermelon.

Valeriano Fatica, 30, from Orantino, Italy, is a skilful professional sculptor who has successfully performed his art with edible materials such as avocados, pumpkins, parmesan cheese and even expensive truffle.

In 2016, Valeriano created an impressively realistic sculpture of the infamous Game of Thrones’ character using a soft and brittle watermelon.

Valeriano said: “I have been making sculptures with vegetables for six years now.

“I used to work with clay, then I started working at my family’s restaurant and the idea came to me that I could do this with unusual materials.

“I was really happy with the Night King sculpture when I finished it, and I was looking forward to sharing it with everyone on the Internet.”