Animals Video

By Jasmine Kazlauskas

An egg-cited mob of adorable baby meerkats and hungry lemurs have been treated to an egg-cellent Easter surprise.

In this hilarious footage shot at Perth Zoo in Western Australia today [18 APRIL], a heart-warming mob of tiny baby meerkats and an excited group of lively lemurs wrestle with colourful papier-mâché Easter eggs.

Perth Zoo/Caters News

While the little meerkats enjoyed a feast of meal worms, the ring-tailed lemurs chowed down on a slightly more appealing Easter surprise stuffed with fruit, nuts and vegetables.

And in addition to looking beautifully festive, the animal’s colourful Easter eggs have gone against traditional papier-mâché creations that are made from plastic balloons – and are instead made of out completely recyclable materials

Perth Zoo/Caters News

Holly Thompson, Supervisor of Zoology at Perth Zoo, said: “Instead of chocolate, the eggs were filled with favourite food items and some even had different scents rubbed on them.

“Despite the novelty, they were specifically designed as a serious puzzle for our animals, it’s what we call behavioural enrichment.

“Curiosity is important for any creature and as part of our enrichment program we’re constantly ensuring every day is different”.