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By Dan Coles

A former celebrity jeweller turned music artist is refusing to let the industry mould her as she releases her first single.

Oxford-born 35-year-old Brocarde – who will not reveal her first name – said new track Last Supper demonstrates her angst with celebrity and popular culture after she previously made jewellery for stars including Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

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After writing music for several years, she was tired of being told to fit into the box of a ‘bubblegum pop princess’ and said the music industry should never attempt to change artists.

With Last Supper, released tomorrow [April 19], ‘genreless’ Brocarde hopes to make listeners question their relationship with celebrity culture and social media.

She said: “I wrote Last Supper a few years ago when I was a lot more annoyed at the music industry than I am now.

“The main thing for me is to make music that isn’t affected by what is currently popular in the world.

“I think that when you are young, you are easier to mould, you don’t necessarily know who you are as a person and are trying to find your own way.

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“If I was to say that I am opposed to manufactured music it would sound judgemental, as if I think I am better than other people, but to be filtered and moulded for commercial success is not on my personal agenda.

“I approach music without rules, if I want to write an eight minute song then that’s because I have eight minutes worth of things to say.

“But commercially, and with the industry, that approach isn’t always welcomed.”

Brocarde decided to kick start her music career after shutting down her successful jewellery company after realising the more popular her brand became, the more it ‘lost its heart’ due to having to create products to fit “trends” rather than making unique items that celebrated individualism.

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Now, refusing to compromise herself in the quest for commercial success, she is bringing the lessons learnt to her own unique and uncensored musical vision and ticking every production box herself – from writing and directing, to developing costumes, and everything in between.

Brocarde said: “I wanted to make sure I did everything on my own terms, I’m very hands-on with every detail of my music.

“I try not to fit one specific genre, there are heavy guitars and orchestration. Some find it difficult to define, I listen to classical music as well so different elements of my personality come out at different points.

“Of course I want to be a huge recording artist, I want to be successful because if I am not I can’t do what I love.

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“What I’m trying to say is that if you sign to a major label your decisions are not always your own.

“There is less freedom, which is not speaking to someone like me who has their own agenda and vision, I see how I want everything to pan out.”

With this latest track, Brocarde is showing off her creativity with a music video that is dense with head turning moments.

Brocarde said: “It would be very difficult to write anything that I have not felt or experienced myself.

“There is a lot of truth in music being a form of therapy, it can be easier to open up indirectly using words and with the added comfort of instrumentation as your security blanket.

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“I’m really excited to release the song, I find it almost liberating.

“People’s perceptions always interest me. I think it’s important to leave yourself open to interpretation and even mis-interpretation.

“There will be those who just see attention grabbing cannibalism and those who want to annihilate and scrutinise every plot and sub plot, but I welcome both with open arms!”