Animals Video

By Neo Bye

A homeowner returned to find their mischievous dogs had torn a bean bag to shreds and covered the floor with its remnants.

When Charice White opened her front door in Cumbria on April 12, she was greeted by a very excited husky, Elmos, and German shepherd, Molly.

Only when she managed to enter her living room did she see the devastation they had caused by spreading the contents of the £60 bag all over her laminate flooring.

Charice said: “My initial reaction was shock.

“My partner Jason had seen what they had done in the morning and he removed the bean bag but because he had to go to work, he couldn’t clean it up.

“I imagine it would off been much worse had they exposed more of the beans 

“It took over two hours to clean and I’m still finding them now.

“They’ve never done anything like this before I think Molly’s lead Elmo astray.”