Offbeat Video

By Dan Coles

This burly biker has become an online sensation for driving his tiny white pooch around in a basket on the front of his Triumph.

Civil servant Paul Bradley, 60, first started driving previous pet pal Barney around in 2014 to give him the best last years before he passed away in 2018 aged 16.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

The pair became stars in their hometown of Leighton Buzzard, Beds, with locals rushing to post pictures of the duo wherever they were spotted on their travels.

Since losing Barney, dog lover Paul has introduced new 11-month-old Westiepoo Dougal to the tradition – and the mutt now loves nothing more than strapping on his helmet and goggles and hitting the open road.

The married dad-of-two said: “As soon as Dougal sees me put my leathers on, he gets really excited, wagging his tale and following me around the house.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

“It all started in 2014, I used to ride with Barney on the motorcycle, he used to love it.

“Now I travel with Dougal too, it just brings so much joy to everyone – especially children when they see us drive by, it’s fantastic to see.

“We started a Facebook page so everyone could share pictures and moments of when they saw Barney.

“People joined and followed with Barney, now they do the same with Dougal.

“Dougal doesn’t have quite the same fame as Barney did yet, but it’s early days and I’m sure he’ll find his own fame in his own right.”

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

Paul’s last pet, Barney, was coming to the end of his lifetime so to send him off in style, Paul would take him out on his Triumph motorbike.

After Barney died from old age last year, Paul was desperate for a new passenger recruited new pup Dougal, to carry on his travelling tradition – and he loved it from the start.

The new duo have since made a new name for themselves just as Paul and Barney once did.

Paul, who has been motorbiking for nearly 50 years, said: “It first started because I wanted to take Barney out and show him things he did not have much time left to see for himself.

Pic from Caters News: Paul Bradley on his Triumph with his late dog Barney

I was initially put off from the specialist case to holster Barney on the bike, it costs around £300 but it was one of the decisions I ever made.

“When I started taking him out, the reactions were positive, everyone enjoyed seeing him out on the bike.

“He used to wear his own motorcycle helmet and shades; I bought a special carry case that attached to my bike, so Barney got a front row view of everything we drove past.

“Now, Dougal loves travelling around together, and everyone around the area seems to like it too.

“He has really cottoned onto what’s happened when I get the gear ready to go out and I’m sure he’s got a lot of time on the bike to come.”