Video Viral

By David Aspinall

A group of lucky cyclists had a near miss when a car behind them pulled out and hit a bin lorry before almost recoiling into them.

While the group – who want to remain anonymous – waited at traffic lights near Fremantle, Western Australia, a burgundy car behind them decides to turn into an outside lane.

Apparently oblivious to an oncoming truck, the car gets rammed in the passenger side sending it careering towards the bikes.

Fortunately, the car stops short of hitting the cyclists with one – whose Cycliq dashcam filmed the whole accident – riding away.

One of the cyclists said: “We were waiting at the lights in a turning lane.

“The car behind us decided to change lanes and go straight through the lights but didn’t look to see the truck coming straight for the green light.”

Cycliq CEO Chris Singleton said: “When a cyclist does something stupid on the road people get annoyed, however, when there’s a vehicle involved, people can die.

“Bike cameras make everyone more accountable on the roads.

“This footage is just one of hundreds of examples of unsafe behaviour on the roads not just in Australia, but globally.”