Animals Video

By Neo Bye

A family of turtles looked surprisingly relaxed as they slept next to a massive alligator while lying on a log.

Sean O’Grady was visiting an abandoned golf course outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, on April 7 when he stumbled across the strangely placid encounter.

At first sight two turtles can be seen towards the gator’s tail but on closer inspection Sean found one sat on its back and another one sat right by its razor-sharp teeth.

Sean said: “I’ve never seen a turtle sitting on an alligator before.

“I was flying my drone around the old golf course since it was too overgrown to walk around and saw all the turtles at first.

“Then I was like ‘wait what’s that in the back’?

“I got closer and it was an alligator sunning with a bunch of its reptilian cousins.

“It was hard to believe at first.

“I was staring at the screen going ‘that turtle looks like it’s on top of that alligator’.”