Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

Shocking footage shows the aftermath of a dramatic plane crash into a front lawn – that three people miraculously walked away from unscathed.

On April 14, police found pilot Dongl Kim, 27, and passengers Hong Joo-Na, 29, and Jung Woo, 26, all from North Korea, sitting by a the front yard where they had just narrowly escaped death after the plane crashed, in Long Island, New York.


The three had just visited Niagara Falls when they encountered dense fog on their way back and failed to land the plane correctly.

Dongl Kim attempted landing and missed the runaway a total of six times, four at Republic Airport in East Farmingdale and two at JFK Airport in Queens, Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said in a public statement.

According to the officer, after clipping a local church the small-engine Cessna aircraft got entangled in the wires outside a local house.

Commissioner Ryder said: “The wires prevented the plane from actually striking the ground.


“It hung it up about one foot from hitting the ground.”

Even though no one was hurt, the crash knocked out the power in the neighbourhood’s houses and plunged local residents into panic.

Freelance journalist Peter Gerber, who was on the scene, said: “When I got there, there were probably about a hundred area residents observing what had happened.

“I cover news every day and see some pretty crazy scenes, but I soon realised that this was something unique.”