Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley

The remote and beautiful mountainous shores of Norway were captured by an adventurous drone pilot who flew over the landscape like a real-life Game of Thrones dragon.

Prolific drone pilot Benoit ‘Fincky’ Finck travelled from Paris to Lofoten, Norway, last month, to tackle the stormy elements in order to capture awe-inspiring footage of the mountainous region.

The 28-year-old professional pilot has had more than two years’ experience commanding the skies with his drones.

But despite all that time, the stormy weather of Norway was to test Fincky’s skills like never before.

Zooming over the glassy sub-zero waters and soaring above the jagged rocky mountains, Fincky managed to battle against the odds in order to capture some truly amazing footage.

Using flips, tricks and barrel rolls, Fincky managed to capture an intense, fast-paced experience of plummeting down snow-capped mountain faces that is probably the closest you could get to being a soaring bird, or a terrifying Game of Thrones dragon.

Fincky said: “The purpose of my trip was to capture never-seen-before video with the help of my trusty drones.

“I was just blown away by the nature and the contrast between the mountains and the ocean, the nature, and that beautiful chain of islands.

“The main challenge was definitely the weather. It was raining heavily and we had to deal with very strong wind too, over 40 knots almost constantly. 

“No other drone could have flown in those conditions.”

Battling the harsh weather clearly wasn’t a big enough challenge for Fincky, who also decided to pilot his drone through an impossibly small gap at the tippy top of the mountain peak.

He added: “That gap was a very very big challenge! One thing goes wrong and the drone was gone with no hope of recovering it. But I really wanted to go through it.

“Every time I would get behind the rock, I would lose video signal, making me completely blind with my goggles on.

“I tried six times with no luck, but on the seventh, I went through the gap and then down the rocks. 

“When I approached where we were standing I had a complete explosion of excitement and adrenaline.”