Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A fisherman has revealed the reality of his ‘just another day in the office’ – battling extreme storms and giant waves in his trawler.

Rúni Djurhuus, 35, from Denmark’s Faroe Islands, battles the elements every day fishing in the Barents Sea, located off the northern coast of Norway and Russia.

In this dramatic footage, the 15-year veteran of the seas captured his trawler overflowing with sea water as he and his crew were bombarded by extremely dangerous weather.

Even the sanctuary of going below deck doesn’t stop the water from flooding in and soaking the crew.

Rúni said: “Dealing with storms is a regular day for us. The weather can often be much worse.

“I am used to working in all weather conditions, so it doesn’t really matter how bad it is.”

The weather may not bother Rúni, but he said having to be away from his family for long periods at a time does take its toll.

He added: “The most difficult aspect of the job isn’t the job itself, it’s being away from our wife and kids for months at a time.

“We work for about seven to eight months straight. But that means we then get about four months to enjoy with our families.”