Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

Watch as this aerospace engineer turns his sleight of hand skills to a humble deck of cards – to perform amazing fast-paced ‘cardistry’.

Anthony Chanut, 31, from Montreal, Canada, has taken a deck of cards to limitless artistic levels through his amazing ‘Cardistry’ skills.

Travelling and performing all over the world since 2012, Anthony uses his abilities to masterfully make the cards dance in his hands.

Spinning and flipping entire packs of cards with just his thumb, Anthony creates amazing hand-bound spectacles that make you marvel.

Anthony said: “I got into magic when I was 14 years old. My interest expanded towards card manipulation and flourishes. It took me several years to be able to do what I do.

“The art form is now called Cardistry and I have been practicing, learning and creating my own moves in this discipline for about 12 years now. It takes a good level of mastery and smoothness to master.

“Cardistry consists of shuffles, packet cuts, displays, and aerials all created and performed to look as visually appealing and smooth as possible. 

“The possibilities are endless with 52 pieces of paper to create more and more moves or variations.”

Anthony has become something of a pioneer in the realm of Cardistry, not only by mesmerising audiences, but through creating painstaking handcrafted masterpieces of his own.

He added: “People tend to be really impressed by such a handling of cards which is rarely seen. The most common reaction I get is ‘You should be performing in Las Vegas, you would be famous!’

“When I am creating a difficult move, the feeling of completing the creation is very gratifying. For one of my moves, from creating the opener to creating the ending of the piece, it took one whole year.

“After the creation comes all the practice to make the move look good in the hands. This can take many weeks or even months.”