By Kristiana Hall

This crocodile showed it needed no schooling in successfully catching its own dinner in these amazing photographs.

The dramatic shots were taken by photographer and wildlife guide Eli Martinez, 48, from Texas, at Banco Chinchorro in Mexcio.

 PIC FROM Eli Martinez/Caters News

In one perfectly-timed image, the huge predatory reptile was caught seconds before it wrapped its jaws around a fish.

The photographer of 16 years said: “I was pretty excited capturing this image, these animals move so fast when they snap up a fish,so to be able to capture this image mid-bite was amazing.

“She [the crocodile] was super curious about us and kept coming in to say hi.”

 PIC FROM Eli Martinez/Caters News

Eli reassured fans of his images when you swim with crocodiles it is all about rules and that ‘safety is everything’.

Safety divers were on full alert with the new crocodile making sure she behaved herself and that it was safe to swim with her.

Explaining his love for wildlife, Eli added: “It’s been my burning passion since I was very young – I have always loved animals and I have always been around them.”