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By Lucy Notarantonio

A skeleton teenager – who weighed just FIVE STONE – has made a remarkable transformation to become a personal trainer.

Abi Webber, 19, who is from Portsmouth, Hampshire, battled with anorexia for the past two year and restricted her calorie intake to just 300 per day – and even avoided water in a bid to avoid ‘bloating.’

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But after being told by doctors that she’d damaged her liver and was anaemic, Abi – who is training to be a personal trainer –  decided to seek help last year and now weighs a healthy 9st 4lbs.

Since overcoming her eating disorder, Abi is now training to become a personal trainer.

She said: “I had suffered with depression for a long time and when I got to 17, I started to cut out food because it made me feel like I had some control of my life.

“It all happened so quick, I began cutting out meals in October 2017 and by the end of November, I was eating less than 400 calories a day.

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“Most days I would just have a bowl of vegetables and a piece of fruit but if I wanted something more, I would go to the gym and burn up to 1500 calories to give myself permission to eat.

“If I had to eat with friends or family, I would pretend to go for a shower straight after so I could throw it all up.

“I dropped from 9st 7lb to 5st 6lbs, but my remaining weight was mainly muscle as I was working out every day for a minimum of an hour.

“There were many occasions when other gym members asked me if I was OK and I would just say ‘I have a busy schedule, so I don’t find the time to eat properly’.

“I would look in the mirror and even though my bones were visible I felt fat and wanted to lose more weight.

“I feared high in fat foods like pasta, bread and cheese so a bowl of vegetables seemed the most appealing.

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“During workouts I would take sips here and there of water as it caused me to bloat and appear fat, I would only ever drink black coffee.

“I was told by the doctor that my health was getting worse, I was anaemic, low in iron and my liver was damaged.

“It scared me a lot as I realised how serious my eating disorder had got, I knew it was probably only a matter of time until I was hospitalised or even worse, dead.

“That’s when I decided to take control of my weight and realised I was too thin.”

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Abi decided to visit Florida, US, to clear her head and it was there that she decided to seek help and get her life back on track.

She adds: “When I was in America, something just clicked. I didn’t want to live like this anymore, I was barely seeing my friends as I had no energy and I was upsetting my family.

“I started to see a private councillor and speaking about what I was going through with family who were so supportive and didn’t put too much pressure on me to eat.

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“I reduced my time at the gym and began binge eating, I would sometimes eat up to 2000 calories per sitting.

“Social media had an important role in my recovery as there were many people in the same position as me, so it was a good support network.”

Abi is now three weeks away from becoming a personal trainer and has praised the course for helping her understand her body and how to live a healthy life.

She said: “I have thrown my scales away and no longer count my calories nor feel guilty if I have something that I would fear before like a doughnut.

“I can’t wait to help others become their healthiest versions.”