Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A married couple have travelled to the skies and freezing rivers of Russia to perform amazing pole dances in the most dangerous of places.

Think you know pole-dancing? Well think again, as acrobatic duo Bogdan Korzhenevskiy and wife Marina Korzhenevskaya, both 27, have taken the art form to literal new heights.

Pic by Caters News

From the skies above their own home city of Voronezh, to the epic Skyline of Moscow and freezing rivers in the wilds of Russia, the loved-up pair have performed their daring pole and ribbon dances in the most unique and terrifying of places.

One video shows Marina pole-dancing on rusted metal pillars 262 feet in the sky above their hometown of Voronezh while another features Bogdan hanging 200 feet from a crane to perform silk-dancing.

Pic by Caters News

But the precise performances aren’t all about the jaw-dropping backdrops for the daring pair, as both Bogdan and Marina skilfully perform the dramatic stunts with their sculpted bodies with hypnotic ease.

Bogdan said: “These dances comes from our creativity. We try to make beautiful dances in the most unconventional of places.

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“We always try to do something unusual by using our imagination and the backdrop of interesting locations.”The pair even managed to pull off a hoop dance from the famous v-shaped floating bridge which hovers 50 feet over the Moscow River.

In another video, Marina pole-danced her way down a river in Voronezh while floating on a solid piece of ice.

It is during daring stunts like this that the pair sometimes have to pull off their tricks quickly in order to avoid the authorities.

Pic by Caters News

Bogdan said: “We always think it can be done, so we do it.

“It looks scary but we prepare all the tricks thoroughly. 

“We prepare for a long time to learn all the movements.

“It just takes a lot of time and money to make our ideas become reality.”