Amazing Video

By Luke Kenton

A father and his daughter have been reunited after a staggering 35 YEARS apart.

In heartwarming footage, shuffling nervously towards the front door, Dwight Craig, from Elkton, Michigan, USA, can be seen preparing himself for a moment he has waited more than three decades for.

PIC BY CARRIE CRAIG/CATERS NEWS: The last time the pair saw one another, Carrie was two years old.

Dwight tentatively approaches his daughter, Carrie’s car, but as soon as she emerges from within, the three and a half decades that have parted them until now seem very much forgotten.

With arms stretched wide and tear stained cheeks, Carrie and her dad embrace in a long-overdue hug that lasts for several minutes, broken only by the revelation they ‘have the same eyes’.

Carrie, who drove 550 miles from her hometown in Flint, Michigan, for the emotional reunion, said: “I had waited almost my entire life for this moment.

“For so many years I had this empty feeling inside of me about not knowing my dad or the life he’s made without me, but that all went away to moment he put his arms around me.


“The second I laid eyes on him I started to cry, and I couldn’t stop telling him over and over that I love him.

“On top of that, I also got to meet my little brother, which sound amazing to say as I’ve always wanted to be a big sister.

“My boys absolutely loved him too, it was a huge moment for them to finally meet their grandpa.”

Carrie lost touch with her father when Craig moved away after divorcing her mother, and after wondering about him for nearly the entirety of her life, in December 2016, Carrie finally summoned the courage to confront the missing void her life.

After breaking their hug, Dwight’s attention soon turns to his two grandsons, Shane and Tyler, who, only months earlier, that he had no idea they existed.

Carrie said: “I found him on Facebook and knew instantly it was him, he had my smile.

“He accepted my request straight away and message me asking my mother’s name.

“From there we’ve spoken every day, making sure to make up for lost time in all that we’ve missed in each other’s lives.

“I was always worried that I didn’t matter to him, but through all the years he’s kept a hold of all my baby photos and air looms from the family.

“I’m so excited to find out more about my family and the memories ahead that are still to be made.

“This is a new leaf and journey for us all, it really is a dream come true.”