Life Video

By Randal Coombs

This heartwarming footage shows the beautiful moment a young cheerleader with Down’s Syndrome made a ‘promposal’ to her high school crush – who gladly accepted.

Prom season can be a nervous time for some students, with the pressure to ask their crush to the most important dance of their lives a scary prospect.

But that didn’t stop young Kati, 18, from bravely asking her crush, Payton, 16, to prom right in the middle of class at Milford High School in Ohio earlier this month.

Confidentially walking into a classroom full of her fellow students, young Katie, who was born with Down’s Syndrome, headed straight to athletic Payton, with one question on her mind.

Unravelling a sign asking Payton to prom, the football and baseball-playing honours student happily accepted Katie’s promposal – to the cheers of the whole class 

The moment was clearly an emotional one for Katie, who burst into tears in a friend of two years Payton’s arms.

The pair are now set to enjoy a romantic dinner together before heading to their prom arm in arm later this month [April 27].

Payton’s mum Andrea Bauer, secretary of the high school, said: “Payton and Katie have known each other for two years now.

“From the first time Katie met Payton, she told us he was her boyfriend.

“Katie insisted on taking the ‘promposal’ into Payton’s class.

‘Everyone was happy to help make Katie’s dream come true.

“Katie is so excited to be going to prom with the cutest boy in Milford. 

“Payton is so excited to make it a special night for Katie. She deserves it.”