Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

This shedding dog looked more like a snow storm as the animal’s fur flew everywhere.

Hair of the dog now means something completely different for business Temple of the Dog & Sarah’s Photography, thanks to one particular hairy husky.

Filmed on April 9 in Beamsville, Ontario, six-year-old Tagga was receiving his regular blow dry from Mike Vanderheyden, 44, when the room quickly became engulfed in a fur-storm.

Within seconds, Mike became more fur than man as he was covered with Tagga’s discarded fluff.

Employee Sarah Dersek, who filmed the footage, said: “Tagga gets a blow dry about once every three months. His blow out is a little more extreme than most.

“Tagga’s fur filled the shop vacuum and a bucket of the same size, so it was enough to fill a garbage bag.

“Tagga’s fur takes about an additional five to ten minutes to clean up than the average dog.”