Animals Video

By Neo Bye

This pack of dogs loved nothing more than putting the peddle to the metal – by driving around the desert in an automatic car.

Four legs met four wheel drive as Brandi Majerle, filmed pets Pebbles, Benji, Bruiser and Jax hit the dunes on four wheels.

The pampered pooches looked extremely happy as they took a leisurely ride through the beautiful desert in their cool jet black jeep.

Social media marketer Brandi, 41, from Phoenix, Arizona, said: “My dogs are very much a bonded pack.

“While they like one on one time, but they prefer to adventure together.

“All four love life and live life to the fullest.

“We spend a lot of time going on adventures, trying new things, travelling the country and most importantly bringing smiles to everyone we meet.”

Luckily – there was no need to worry about a potential crash for 12-year-old Maltese Pebbles, 10-year-old Maltese, Yorkie and Pekingese mix Benji, eight-year-old Maltipoo Bruiser and 22-month-old Maltipoo Jax as the jeep was actually being remoted controlled by Brandi.

She added: “Our Jeep videos are big hits and make lots of people smile.

“Our goal in life is simple – it’s to make the most out of life, find joy and pleasure in every moment and bring happiness to those around us.”