By Kristiana Hall

These adorable photos show a gorilla with a pesky monkey stuck on its head.

The images show a young black-crested mangabey monkey jumping on to the shoulders of its gorilla pal – before the cheeky pair of primates enjoyed mucking around together.

Captured at Gaia Zoo in Kerkrade, Netherlands, the images were taken by Dutch photographer Mike Rodenburg.

PIC FROM Mike Rodenburg/Caters News

In the hilarious shots the gorilla, clearly bemused by the monkey, wrestles it to the ground before the two start playing with one another – seemingly without a care in the world.

Mike said: “There was a gorilla sitting in the grass on the outdoor enclosure at Gaia Zoo in The Netherlands.

“Then a young mangabey came out of the bushes and jumped on the shoulders of the gorilla.

PIC FROM Mike Rodenburg/Caters News

“He was not surprised so it must happen more often, maybe they are friends?

“They played very carefully together and it seemed like they were having fun 

“I did get a smile on my face while looking at the gorilla and the mangabey.

“It’s not often you see a monkey on the shoulders of a gorilla.”