Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

Shoppers received quite the shock when they spotted a full-grown camel casually browsing a pet store. 

When you visit your local pet store you expect to see some dogs, a few cats and maybe a rabbit or two, but shoppers in Muskegon, Michigan, received the shock of their lives last week [April 7] when a giant full-grown camel was spotted enjoying a trip to the shops

Jeffrey the camel was being treated to a fun day out by Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo and excited onlookers took the unique opportunity to snap some pictures of the exotic animal as their newfound fluffy friend casually strolled around the store.

Jeffrey was beloved by little kids and adults alike, with many excitably exclaiming that they had never seen a camel in a store before.

Slowly walking past the grooming section of the store, it was suggested that Jeffrey should be groomed – but luckily he didn’t get the hump.

Towering Jeffrey dwarfed his fellow shoppers as well as the shelves and upon leaving the store, even grazed his hump on the door frame.