Offbeat Video

By Josh Saunders

Laura Pennington, 23, from Cocoa Beach, Florida, used make-up to paint one-dragon-army Drogon as he breathed destruction upon soldiers, artillery and siege equipment.

The sequence from season-seven episode-four, ‘The Spoils of War’, saw the Lannister and Tarly armies incinerated before viewers’ eyes.


Cardiovascular technician Laura had to restart her design three times and spent four hours crafting her George. R. R. Martin masterpiece.

She produced the realistic replication on her chest and neck, as a homage to the ‘coolest’ sequence of the show – that returns for a eighth and final season this Sunday.

Laura believes the scene worked so well as the iconic scene is static and ‘flows’ with a clear ‘past, present and anticipated future’.

She said: “I love putting my interests together, so every piece I do, it’s always cool to be able to mesh them.

“My favourite character is Daenerys, I love her dragons, she’s definitely connected to them and is pretty cool.


“The flow of the scene made it work, it’s not a standstill picture there is movement, there is a past, present and future, it’s not stagnant.

“I was really proud of how the fire looked, the dragon was the biggest obstacle because you have to be so precise, but it was my favourite part.

“Everyone, especially my husband, really likes the fire, it came out really well and I was very happy with it.

“They like the detail of the fire, but to me it’s one of those things that looked a lot harder than it was, I found it my difficult working on the dragon and sky.

“It’s not like other pieces that have straight lines, if it’s not all perfect everything will look warped.


“There’s a certain thrill once you’re two hours in knowing that if you mess it up you’re going to have to start over.

“It’s always nice to challenge myself, I don’t see artists creating realistic portrait paintings, there are more who turn themselves into something else.”

Before starting the designs, Laura studies the image she intends to paint in research sessions.

During this time, she hopes to identify a scene, shot, or image that’s so synonymous with a TV show, film or video game that it’s easy for views to recognise.

Laura said: “Lots of scenes from Game of Thrones wouldn’t translate into a painting, because people wouldn’t recognise it as the show.

“Sometimes it’s not iconic enough and people could just think it’s a dragon, but this one was really cool.”

Since starting painting on herself 15-years-old, Laura has used her body as the canvas to pay tribute to more than 350 designs across all pop culture and media.


Describing it as ‘nerdy’ she has created everyone from Super Mario to Harry Potter, Jason from Friday 13th, Venom and Magneto from the Marvel Universe and more.

They can take between 45-minutes and eight-and-a-half-hours to paint, from there she tries to keep the art on her skin for as long as possible – including this one.

Laura said: “After completing a piece, I have to sit and admire myself for a while, I have definitely gone out to Chick-fil-A with all the make-up on.

“I wish I could wear my designs all the time, the only time I take them off is right before I go to bed.

“I kept the Game of Thrones one on for as long as I could, showing it off to my husband, taking extra pictures to send to my mom and just enjoying being really proud of it.

“I have the pictures, but it stinks having to wash it off at times, I will sit and look in the mirror making poses before take it off.”


Laura’s longest piece to create was a complicated end-scene from the videogame Halo, which took more than eight hours.

She said: “I tend to gravitate towards more of the nerdy side, like videogames, movies and pop culture.

“I try to blend my interests in gaming and movies, once in a while I make more girly things and always try to make it glamorous too.

“My favourite has to be the Lord of the Rings, which was quicker but came out so well, then I also love my Spiro the Dragon one too.


“I have done everything from Disney inspired work to Jason from Friday 13th, a horror big gash on my gash on my face, Halo, Super Mario and other fandom.

“My Harry Potter fighting off the Dementors was one of my favourites, as well as Spiro the Dragon, then I did a Dragon Ball Z character where I look like an anime character.”

Laura shares her work on Instagram account Elleauramua – taken from the phonetic spelling of her name – and posts up to three times a week.

Her mom recalls that she was artistic ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil, in school she went onto take additional lessons in art.

Laura said: “While I’m working on the art it never feels like I’m sitting there for six hours at all.

“For me it’s just a way to escape, it’s something fun to get my mind off work and school.”