Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

Watch as this football player hilariously loses track of the ball – only to find it after unknowingly juggling it with his head.

Filmed by the opposing team’s manager, Mark Chapman, 42, a vintage clothes dealer, from Barrow Upon Humber, Lincs, he captured it while

filming one of his teams games.

The game, a Sunday league match between Ulceby FC vs AFC Kirton Rangers in North Lincolnshire on March 24, ended 5-1 to the Rangers.

After dad-of-two Mark shared the video online, it amassed an incredible 900,000 views on social media.

Mark said: “I started recording our games over the last few weeks, just to enhance the skills and help with training.

“I was recording the game and turned around to look at a dog, whilst my head was turned, I heard everyone behind me start laughing but did not think anything of it.

“Later on, I was with the lads at the pub and I noticed the video, everyone was in hysterics when we watched it.

“The player did not have a clue what had happened, it was just a total fluke that the camera stayed in the same place.

“The lads said I had to send it around because it will go crazy.

“I stuck it on Facebook, I knew it was funny, but I did not know it was that funny.

“It went mental online, everyone was tagging each other.

“I went to a party on Saturday night and a friend of mine said it was the funniest thing he has ever seen.”