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frozen river rescue

An elderly citizen is hauled from freezing waters by brave rescuers.

Incredible footage shows rescuers plucking the pensioner from the Harku River in Tallinn, Estonia.

Rescuers Siim Malva and Margus Tamme rushed out when the emergency call came in.

“Somebody saw him from the window and called 112,” said Meelis Piller, an advisor to the Communication Office of The Rescue Board.

The Estonian emergency services proved they were well-prepared; with the distress call coming in at 2:14pm and the man being pulled out of the lake at 2:31pm.

“Men in the rescue car take 3 minutes to dress (for an ice rescue). They do it in the car, otherwise those 3 minutes can be fatal for a victim.”

The elderly man can be seen using icepicks to keep himself from going under.

“Fifteen minutes in cold water can be fatal.

He could not move, but he was in conscious and no injuries.”

The man was out fishing when the ice beneath him collapsed, plugging him into the freezing water.

“We have some people who like to go to ice fishing and they never think about how dangerous thin ice can be.”

Upon being rescued from the frozen water the elderly man was transported to the hospital for a medical examination.