Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye

This incredible footage shows how a functioning musical organ was crafted using only PAPER.

The organ may not be most people’s musical instrument of choice to party to, but that may only be because we’ve never heard the dramatic musical notes come from humble paper reeds – until now.

Software developer Aliaksei Zholner, 33, used nothing more than some paper, cardboard, balloons and a pile of books in order to replicate the iconic sounds of the classic musical, Phantom of The Opera.

Using the same principles of how a classical organ works, Aliaksei, from Minsk, Belarus, crafted the tongue, tuning wire and reed pipes all from paper, while using air pressure and vibrations to create sweet music from his small but powerful instrument. 

Aliaksei said: “I’ve been creating functioning paper models since 2010.

“The whole idea is to show that it is possible to create more than just static objects, but also ‘working’ things from paper

“It took me about a month or so to finish the organ.

“I get a variety of reactions from people.

“Some people say it’s a complete waste of time, while other people think it’s awesome.”