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Hollie Bone

A fish and chip shop which claims to have invented battered chips is now selling 20 500-calorie battered Crème Eggs A DAY in the run up to Easter.

Major’s Fish and Chips in Bilston, West Mids, claim they’ve been swamped with orders for the sickly sweet £1 treat since they launched them at the beginning of the month.

PIC FROM Pete Goddard/Mercury Press

Owner Royston Spencer  creates the battered bargains by removing the Cadbury’s classics from their foil wrappers before dunking them in a flour and water mix and plunging them into hot oil.

The 37-year-old took over the chippy from his mum and dad after they set it up in 1975 and said they have earned a reputation as being the masters of battered goods by experimenting over the years – most famously inventing the Black Country classic ‘orange chips’.

PIC FROM Pete Goddard/Mercury Press

Royston, who has run the takeaway for 14 years, said: “We have done battered things before like battered mince pies at Christmas but we have never done battered Creme Eggs before.

They’ve gone down so much better than I thought, I thought we might only sell 20 or 30 but we’re selling about 20 a day – we’ll be doing them every Easter now.

“We’re famous as a chippy for being the first ones to introduce the concept of battered chips, better known in the West Country as ‘orange chips’, so doing things battered is in our heritage.

PIC FROM Pete Goddard/Mercury Press

“I have tried one of the Crème Eggs, they are really nice but quite sickly, you could only manage one.

“I don’t know exactly how many calories are in one of them but I would guess it’s at least 500!”