Animals Video

By Randal Coomb

A feisty feline was filmed trapped rolling around in his play box in an attempt to chase a bird.

Cats are renowned for being agile and quick – but this unfortunate feline couldn’t quite manage to escape from his playbox prison.

Rolling around in a mesh play pen in the back garden, one-year-old Burmese Ragdoll cross Chino hopped and jumped all the way around the garden and even managed to reach his owner’s back door, hoping for some means of escape.

All the while, Chino’s pal Loki the Alaskan Malamute looked on in wonder while owner Sharon Pyers found the whole ordeal hilarious.

Sharon said: “The playpen is a system of three play tents that join together with a tunnel. 

“I put Chino in an individual playpen and he soon realised he could move around when he spotted a bird on the ground. 

‘He started jumping on the side and moving around the yard. 

“Chino is an inside cat, so I found the pen to be a safe option for him. 

“He is a happy cat and has a very special personality.”