Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A maverick has found a way to recycle broken skateboards – by creating boards that are deliberately broken.

For some skateboarders, landing a difficult trick can be hard enough even with a top of the line board.

But for 28-year-old computer technician Matthew Tomasello, it was no problem, as the skilled skateboarder managed to land some mind-blowing tricks on broken ‘Break-Away’ boards.

Taking inspiration from his skateboarding heroes Bart Simpson and Tony Hawk, Matthew, from Boston, Massachusetts, decided to evolve skateboarding further by manipulating the structure of the board to deliberately break it.  

By experimenting with physics and engineering recycled and repurposed skateboards, Matthew managed to create boards where the wheel hinges flipped on and off, pieces detached and then returned into place, or the boards themselves doubled up or split into two. 

Hitting the streets of Boston, he performed incredible tricks with his Frankenstein skateboards.

Matthew said: “I like the infinite possibilities of creating ‘skateboard manipulations’.

“I can complete some tricks on the boards on my first try, while other tricks can take thousands of attempts after returning multiple days to the same spot.

“People are mostly confused when they see the boards. 

“They always come up to me and ask whether my board is broken.”