Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

An unlucky One Wheel Rider lost his balance and ended up smashing face first into the pavement.

When One Wheel enthusiast Bart Miller, 43, took his motorised skateboard for a spin, he probably never intended it to end as badly as it did.

Cruising around the streets of St. George Island, Florida with drink in hand, Bart happily posed for fans who were filming from a car.

But spurred on to ride faster and hit top speed, he ramped up the fun to 25mph before disaster struck.

After hitting a small bump in the pavement, Bart crash-landed face first into the concrete pavement.

Bart said: “This was actually not my first time riding a One Wheel.

“I ride every day I can.

Though Bart’s fall looked incredibly painful, he said it was nothing a few drinks couldn’t solve.

He added: “After a bottle of rum and some bud lights, I felt awesome.”