Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

A couple came up close and personal with a group of playful grey whales and their babies – after the majestic mammals PUSHED their boat around.

Oskar Lehner, 63, took the fantastic footage in Laguna Oja de Liebre in Guerrero Negro, Mexico, last month [March 2019].

He spotted the grey whales in a lagoon where mothers give birth in January before rearing their young for the next two months ahead of them making the journey north to Alaska.

The university professor, from Linz, Austria, said: “My partner and I were on boat tour that lasted about two and half hours, and the whales met us half a mile off the coast.

“What was remarkable about our encounter with the whales is how gentle they were treating our boat – they could easily have flipped it whilst diving underneath, but didn’t.

“However, they liked to push us like a toy in various directions which quite was entertaining; we never felt like we were in any danger.

“The mother whales were encouraging or even pushing their two-month-old babies to approach the boat and to play with us.

“According to our guide, Shari the mothers were taking a nap while we were petting the babies.

“It was such a moving and emotional experience to be so close to the whales – my partner and I have been on other whale tours before and never experienced anything so amazing.”