Nature Video

By Jack Mobley

A storm chaser has captured stunning slow-motion footage of rarely-seen UPSIDE DOWN lighting.

Filmed across the three states of Texas, Oklahoma and Illinois over the course of one month, Dan Robinson’s video captures bolts of lightning as they blast upwards from the centre of the sky.

PIC BY Dan Robinson/ Caters News

In each sequence of the clip, which was all filmed last month, the lightning bolts spread upwards through the sky like branches on a tree – with the opening shot showing bolts flashing through the sky perilously close to a wind farm.

It was shot by Dan Robinson, 43, a veteran ‘storm chaser’ with 27 years’ experience battling the elements 

He said: “Upward lightning initiates off of tall objects, in this case broadcast towers, in response to lightning discharges in the clouds overhead.

PIC BY Dan Robinson/ Caters News

“It is very common and occurs to tall objects and skyscrapers during most large thunderstorm complexes passing overhead.

“The visibility and brilliance of these discharges were unusually high thanks to light rain and high cloud bases.”